Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Underwear is Fun!

I'm not to afraid to admit that when I was a kid and Underoos were out on the market, I just had to have a pair.  Then when I got some, I absolutely LOVED them!  They were fun to wear and a ton of fun to play in too!  It's too bad I don't have them anymore, however, now there's a bunch of fun underwear books to read!  It's not just all about Captain Underpants.  There's plenty of picture books available for the youngest underpants wearing fan to have a good laugh...because the thought of undergarments in a book is literally the funniest thing ever. 

Bear in Underwear by Todd H. Doodler
While playing hide-and-seek, Bear finds a backpack filled with underwear. 

Dinosaurs Love Underpants by Claire Freedman
A story in rhyme reveals that the "Mighty Underpants War" was the true reason why dinosaurs are extinct.

The Frog Who Lost His Underpants by Juliette MacIver
Someone stole frog's underpants!  Luckily, his jungle friends are willing to help him find them.

One Big Pair of Underwear by Laura Gehl and Tom Lichtenheld
Progressively larger groups of animals try to share a limited number of scooters, cookbooks, nap mats, and underwear.

Pirates Love Underpants by Claire Freedman
Join the Pants Pirates on a special treasure hunt. Sail on the Pirate Ship Black Bloomer past angry crocs, sharks in fancy pants and through gurgling swamps on a quest to find the "Pants of Gold"!

Underpants Dance by Marlena Zapf
Lily loves to show off her fancy pink underpants, but her older sister Marigold tells her she is not allowed to anymore.

Underpants Zoo by Brian Sendelbach
Visit a new zoo, where each of the animals sports underwear suited to his or her own personal style.

The Underwear Book by Todd Parr
An important compilation of do's and dont's when it comes to your underwear.

Veggies With Wedgies by Todd H. Doodler
The vegetables in Farmer John's garden are intrigued when he hangs his underwear out to dry.  But when Corn, Potato, Beet, and the others pull things off the line and try them on, they discover that they are not comfortable at all.

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