Friday, January 16, 2015

Bo at Ballard and Iditarod Creeks

I just want to give a shout out to Kirkpatrick Hill for Bo at Ballard Creek and Bo at Iditarod Creek. These are great books about a little girl named Bo whose two papas are gold miners.

Mean Milly, who didn't want the job of mama, thrust little newborn Bo into Arvid's arms and got on a boat and left town. When Jack could see that Arvid didn't know the first thing about babies, he decided to help out. So what could the two of them do but raise her? So Bo grew up with two papas and no mama in a village of Eskimo friends. And then along came Graf. Graf had lost his mama and papa, so what else could they do but raise him, too?

'Bout this time, the mining dried up, so they all loaded up and rode down some rivers to Iditarod Creek. This crazy town looked like someone just plopped a bunch of houses down by a bunch of big piles of gravel. And in fact, that's exactly what they had done. Each time they needed to dig for more gold, they just towed a house out of the way with a big ol' Caterpillar tractor! And Iditarod Creek didn't have many kids like home in Ballard. So this town took some getting used to for Bo and Graf.

If the books follow any sort of pattern, I have a feeling the next one will be Bo at Mammoth Creek. I can't wait for it to come out!

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