Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Reading in the Car with Motion Sickness

Growing up, I was a child who had to sit in the front seat of the car on long car rides due to motion sickness.  I've out grown that, but I am unable to read anything while traveling in a vehicle as a passenger.  As a librarian, I've heard of children who are able to read in the car while it is in motion.  But what about the kiddos in your life who are not reading on their own yet or who get motion sickness while traveling?  I do get a lot of families coming in asking for audiobooks to listen to in the car during long car rides (which I highly recommend!) 

But what about the time you have to sit and wait while the car is parked.  How do you keep your youngest entertained while waiting for an older sibling to get done with soccer practice?  Well, I just came across this article from The Children's Book Review website tackling that very topic.  The article offered three suggestions for perfect opportunities when to pass out print books to your kiddos while waiting in the car when it is not in motion:
  1. When you're sitting in the carpool lane for a while...hand over a book to your little ones.
  2. You’ve just dropped your budding musician at music lessons and there is 15 minutes to kill before your gymnast starts tumbling...pull out a book.
  3. You’re on the interstate and traffic is at a standstill..pass out the books to the backseat drivers.
And don't forget, if you ever need any reading or audiobook recommendations, please stop by the children's desk.  We are always more than happy to assist you in finding just the right book!

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