Saturday, September 17, 2016


Sometime in the maybe-not-so-faraway future, a robot named Fuzzy is starting school. Of course, just because he is the first robot student doesn't mean he's the first robot in the school. Duct cleaners, garbage emptiers, even the vice principal are all robots! In fact, Vice Principal Barbara pretty much runs the school.

Max is a big fan of robots, so when Fuzzy starts school, she rushes to meet him. She takes one look at him. He takes one look at her. He keels over and completely freezes. Oops.

After a reboot, or whatever it is you do to unfreeze a robot, Max is summoned to Robot Integration Program HQ, formerly the school's auditorium before music and drama were done away with. Now the fun and excitement begin...

Failed tests, discipline tags, robot-nappers, fuzzy logic, out-of-control robots, space travel, a little of everything.

Read Fuzzy, by Tom Angleberger (of Origami Yoda fame) and Paul Dellinger. I recommend for about 3rd to 8th grade.

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