Thursday, April 28, 2016

New Books for Arbor Day 2016

It feels like every year I do a post on Arbor Day books.  I can't help myself.  I'm an Oregonian Tree Hugger and I'm not ashamed of it either!  I am so pleased to share even more books about trees...books that are brand new.  So place your holds now so you can be a book lover and a tree hugger (just like me!) this Arbor Day, April 29, 2016!

Secret Tree Fort by Brianne Farley
I LOVE trees and I LOVED building forts when I was a kid.  Here's the story about a tree that is ideal for reading quietly under, plus being the foundation for the most magnificent tree fort.   It also makes for the perfect setting for about squabbling sisters.  So any way you look at it, trees are perfect for any sort of childhood situation.

The Cow Who Climbed a Tree by Gemma Merino
Now this is the silliest tree story that I've ever read!  Who knew that cows could climb trees?  Well, Tina the Cow certainly can!  And when she does, she meets new friends up in the branches.  Her sister thinks her experience is "Impossible! Ridiculous!" and full of "Nonsense!"  Just wait until you read this one.  Readers will be in for a surprise!

From Apple Trees to Cider, Please! by Felicia Sanzari Chernesky
There's an apple festival underway at the farm and lots of work to do to make the cider. This visit finishes with a cider doughnut and a cup of freshly pressed cider. It's DELICIOUS! Told in crisp, action-driven rhymes from a young child's point of view, here's a realistic account of how apple cider is pressed, flavored with the charm and vigor of a harvest celebration.

Little Tree by Loren Long
Little Tree is very happy in the forest, where he is surrounded by other little trees and his leaves keep him cool in the heat of summer, but when autumn comes and the other trees drop their leaves, Little Tree cannot be persuaded to let his go, even after they wither and turn brown.
The Little Tree That Would Not Share by Nicoletta Costa

The Tree in the Courtyard by Jeff Gottesfeld
A horse chestnut tree lived outside of Anne Frank's window.  The tree watched her play, laugh, and write in her diary.  When strangers invaded the city and warplanes roared overhead, the tree watched the Anne peek out of the curtained window of the annex. It watched as she and her family were taken away and when her father returned after the war, alone.  Sadly, the tree died the summer Anne Frank would have turned 81, but its seeds and saplings have been planted around the world as a symbol of peace. Its story, and Anne's story, are beautifully told and illustrated in this powerful picture book illustrated by one of my favorite illustrators, Peter McCarty.

Tree: A Peek-Through Picture Book by Britta Teckentrup
A peek-through hole on the cover of the book continues on each page to the very end in this book where children can view the seasonal changes of a tree..  I really love the bold and vibrant color illustrations.  Plus, this book will be a lot of fun especially for toddlers!

The 52-Story Treehouse by Andy Griffiths (Juvenile Fiction)
This series started off with a 13-story treehouse, now it has evolved into 52-stories.  Now Andy and Terry must try to solve the mystery of: What happened to Mr. Big Nose? Because it's hard to turn in your next book when your publisher has vanished! 

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