Friday, April 8, 2016

National Poetry Monty: Fresh Poetry Picks

Check out these fresh new poetry books during National Poetry month!

When Green Becomes Tomatoes: Poems for All Seasons
by Julie Fogliano

Starting and ending with a bird "poking / a tiny hole / through the edge of winter" on the vernal equinox, readers can feel the taste, sights, sounds and smells of the four seasons through experiences of a small girl interacting with nature.

Fresh Delicious: Poems from the Farmer's Market 
by Irene Latham

Cucumber submarines, blueberry fireworks, potatoes as "Crooked as / a "come here" / finger.",  and mouse-sized okra swords. A bountiful farmers market feast awaits readers.

Amazing Places: Poems 
Selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins

Travel to some amazing American landmarks and meet some talented American poets all without leaving your favorite reading spot. You may come away with an idea for a new family vacation destination or a new favorite writer!

A Great Big Cuddle: Poems for the Very Young 
by Michael Rosen

Nonsense words, silly sounds, and bouncy rhymes that beg to be read aloud and danced to, are what makes this new poetry book for the preschool set so fun.

What Are You Glad About? What Are You Mad About? 
by Judith Viorst

Daily joys, annoyances, hopes, and fears are brought to life through witty poems and the humorous illustrations of Lee White. My favorite, "Places I'd Like If..." explores the places a kid would like to visit if it weren't for all the scary stuff that can happen.  "How soft and rainy woodland feels, /  If bears did not eat kids for meals, /  I'd like forests."

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