Monday, October 26, 2015

Levy Proposal - Library Levy Replacement

A library levy affecting all libraries in Washington County will be on the November ballot. The levy, Measure 34-235, will replace a five-year levy that expires in June 2016. As a member of Washington County Cooperative Library Services (WCCLS), the Tigard Public Library receives one-third of its funding from the existing levy.

Passage of the measure would allow the Tigard Library to open on Thursdays to serve the community. It has been closed on that day since 2012 because of city budget cutbacks.

The levy would support several services for Tigard and other libraries throughout the county such as:
  • reading programs for children,
  • purchasing books, e-books and other materials
  • continuing to offer library information and technology resources for job-seekers.
Tigard and other libraries would likely reduce services and hours if the levy does not pass.  Other possible reductions for Tigard would be purchasing fewer books and other materials and reducing the number of programs. The rate would be 22 cents, per $1,000 of assessed value, an increase of 5 cents over the current rate.  If approved, it would be the first rate increase since 2006.  In 2016, homeowners with an average assessed value of $255,408 would pay about $56 per year, or $14 more than paid in 2015.

To learn more about the levy, please visit the WCCLS Levy Replacement PageFrequently asked questions can be read here.

Please Note: The library is not a ballot drop-off site, however ballots may be dropped off in the ballot drop box located at City Hall near the Skate Park.

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