Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Use It or Lose It!

School will be out for the summer later this week.  Why sign up your child for summer reading at the library?  Because reading is a skill that takes practice.  When a child takes a three month break from reading, they are more likely to fall behind once school starts up.  I remember as a child that I dreaded having to go back to school in the fall once summer break was over.  I remember sitting in class the first day not wanting to do any work and it took extra effort to do so.  It took extra effort on my behalf because I didn't keep up my reading skills during the summer.  I wasn't ready academically to start school.  Looking back, I wished I was encouraged to read for pleasure during the summer.

Children who have access to books and who read for fun during the summer maintain their academic abilities and are more ready to start school in the fall than those who do not read. Summer reading inspires kids with a sense of wonder and helps to promote good learning habits too!!!

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