Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Elephant and Piggie's New Book

Gerald and Piggie star in their latest book, I Will Take a Nap! by Mo Willems.  Here we find Gerald desperately wanting to take a nap.  He's tired AND cranky.  Just as he tries to lay down and take a nap, Piggie comes along asking Gerald what he's doing.  Gerald explains how tired and cranky he is and that a nap will make him feel so much better.  Piggie thinks it sounds like a good idea.  So Piggie snuggles up to take nap with Gerald.  But Gerald can't nap because Piggie SNORES!  Then the excruciating circumstances start for poor Gerald.  I can't tell you any more because that will give the story away, so you'll need to get your hand on a copy and read it's just that good of a book!  I foresee this book growing in popularity and notoriety in the children's literary world.  I see that there's already over 30 holds on the book in the online catalog, so place your holds on the book now before the list gets even longer!  And please, take time for a peaceful nap too!  You deserve it!

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