Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Markets and Mazes

With the Tigard Area Farmer's Market and the Bull Mountain Farmer's Market both open for the season, now is the perfect time celebrate local markets and to teach your little ones about how food gets there. 

In Market Maze by Roxie Munro, follow the maze of trucks as they take a road trip starting from the coast and head inland stopping off at different places such as apple orchards, dairy farms, chicken coops, vegetable farms, and the bakery as they pick up goods and deliver them to the farmer's market.  Each stop along the way gives simple to understand information about the location where food is produced, giving an illustrated aerial-like view of the farm site. Then read a list of items for your child to locate in each of the 2-page spreads.  Kids will be delighted and have tons of fun finding objects such as tree houses, deer, roosters, picnic tables, and other items as they make their way to the market. 

All of the illustrations throughout the book show mazes of trucks on roadways and offer I Spy-like exercises that provide perfect opportunities for learning that food is produced on different types of farms.  This book makes a great way to celebrate our local farmers!

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