Friday, May 29, 2015

Honoring Don Freeman

Don Freeman, the creator and illustrator of the Corduroy books passed away in 1978.  I personally enjoyed the story of Corduroy and his missing button for his overalls as a child.  I felt a very deep and emotional tug at my heart strings as he went around the department store without the button to keep his overalls strap down, the mischief he got into roaming the store, and how the eyes of a young girl made a connection with the little bear.  Spoiler alert: It was such a relief for me when he went home with the girl and got himself a new button.  *Sigh*

It was much to my shagrin to learn about a new book that just came out based on Freeman's artwork that has never been published before.  His wife saved his artwork in hopes that it could be used one day for another book.  That dream resulted in The Day is Waiting by Portland author Linda Zuckerman.  In the book, Freeman's illustrations are varied throughout with the use  of sketches, drawings, and paintings using several types of media as Zuckerman's rhyming text takes the reader on a simple journey to faraway places and explores the world, while reminding readers that wherever we go and whatever they do,  that home will always be waiting there to come back to.  This special story written with such love and caring words, makes a wonderful tribute to honor Freeman and his life's work. 

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