Friday, September 26, 2014

Introducing Vero Leland

On a particularly stormy night, ER nurse Nora Leland tends to a dead man who comes back alive long enough to grab her arm and tell her to name the boy Vero. What boy? Apparently, the tiny infant who she finds on her chair just a few minutes later. Where did he come from? Who were his parents? She takes the newborn with her and while buying diapers, is confronted with pure evil. She has never been surer of anything than knowing she must protect this baby.

Twelve-year-old Vero Leland sometimes sees things that most people around him don't see. Like the man sitting in the tree the time that he climbed to the roof so he could fly when he was 4. Or, just recently, the really scary black figure he saw trying to steer a car into a school bus full of kids. Vero saved everyone's lives by grabbing the steering wheel of the bus and swerving into a snowbank, but that incident led to his having to see a psychiatrist.

Harry Potter is a wizard. Percy Jackson is a demigod. Vero Leland is a guardian angel.

If you enjoy following Harry and Percy's adventures, you are sure to enjoy the discoveries Vero Leland makes as he learns he is a guardian angel in Vero Rising, the first of Laurice Molinari's new series, The Ether.

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