Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dogs and Tales

There are so many reasons to sign your kid up to read to the dogs.

Some kids do it because they struggle with reading, so they have the opportunity to do it in a non-judgmental atmosphere. Who could be less judging than a dog?

Some kids do it because, though they are great readers, they have a fear of dogs. What better way to expose them to this fear than with gentle certified therapy dogs while they do something they like in a place they like?

I even had one mom tell me she wanted her daughter to read to the German Shepherd because she (the mom, not the daughter), had a bad experience with a German Shepherd and she wanted to meet a nice one.

Whatever your reason, you can call the Children's Desk at 503-718-2673 today to register your child for Dogs and Tales. The program happens every Wednesday evening from 6 to 7:30. Kids sign up for a 20-minute slot. We pull the sign-up sheets out 2 weeks in advance, and your child can register every other week. On the in-between weeks, they can be put on the waiting list and if there happens to be an opening, we will call you the day of the program. Whether they are sounding out 3-letter words or reading Percy Jackson books, kids up through 5th grade are eligible.

Blue Bell, Certified Therapy Dog

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