Sunday, July 28, 2013

National Parent's Day is July 28th

In honor of National Parent’s Day on Sunday, July 28th, the U.S. Government Printing Office is promoting one of their parenting publications.  The 32-page PDF booklet is available for free on Internet in English and in Spanish.

The booklet give tips on teaching you (the parent) to be responsible, committed, positive, patient, attentive, precise, diligent, results-oriented, and innovative with your child.  For example: “Your responsibility for your child’s education begins with modeling at home. If your kids see you reading, they will want to read. If you drag your kid to every Civil War battle site because you are a Civil War buff, your child may ace his or her American history exams. When you volunteer at your child’s school, your kids are going to see how important their education is to you.”

·    The authors also recommend a large number of parent-child and pro-school activities. Some of the examples are reading aloud to your child each day starting at birth, playing games with your child, contacting his or her teachers, visiting his or her school, AND taking your child to the library!!!

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