Friday, April 29, 2011

Roland's Reluctant Readers

Do you have a reluctant reader at home? You might try suggesting some of Roland Smith's books. We were lucky enough to have him visit our library last summer, and I took the opportunity then to read some of his books. His stories are full of excitement and action, and his latest, Storm Runners, is not any different.

Shortly after losing his mom to cancer, twelve-year-old Chase Masters' dad is struck by lightning. He becomes obsessed with weather, sells everything they own, uproots Chase, and begins chasing storms all over the country. This time, they are chasing Category 5 Hurricane Emily in Florida. This book is just the beginning of his harrowing adventure through Emily. A sequel is set to come out, and I believe it is going to be a trilogy.

Other books I read and loved by Roland Smith:

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