Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fare-thee-well, Diana Wynne Jones

This Saturday we had to say goodbye to a wonderful author, Diana Wynne Jones, who died on March 26 at age 76, leaving behind many, many wonderful books. Jones began writing fantasy books for children and teens in the 70s, and is known for her rich imagination, sense of humor and ability to write complex, engaging characters. Some of the most well known of her 40 or so books include Howl's Moving Castle and The Chrestomanci series.

"[Diana] was passionate about what children want and deserve from their literature. Adults would approach her at signings, wanting to know why she wrote such difficultbooks. In one case, when a woman protested, the woman’s young son spoke up and assured Diana, “Don’t worry. I understood it.” She believed in the flexiblility of her readers’ minds, their willingness to puzzle things out, and to wait for clues to anything they couldn’t yet puzzle."

I didn't discover her work until I was an adult, but I have loved what I have read, and I look forward to the pleasure of reading more. Thank you, Diana, for your beautiful legacy!

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