Monday, January 31, 2011

New Potty Books!

We're always looking for new potty and toilet training books to include in our collection. We just got two new books that will be sure to tickle any youngster's funny bone because they've got fun sound effects. A Little Flush by Benoit Charlat chronicles a bunch of animals who try and sit on the toilet seat to go potty. After everyone is done, children have the opportunity to actually "flush" the toilet, which mimicks the sound of a real toilet being flushed. Then there's A Little Fart, by the same author where a whole bunch of animals are really feeling the urge to get to the toilet as soon as possible. Luckily, they all make it just in time. I'll leave the sound effects in this one to your own imagination! You may find these books and other entertaining potty training stories for children located in our Parents collection under the call number 649.62. Don't forget, we also have a wide variety of instructional books for parents on the topic and potty training kits available for check-out too!

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