Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New BOB Books are Here!

We just got a new batch of BOB Books for your beginning reader! The new series is called "My First BOB Books". Two titles from the series are "Alphabet" and "Pre-Reading Skills".
The Alphabet set contains two to three letters in each book where children can learn to relate sounds with letters. The Pre-Reading Skills set contains basic literacy concepts in engaging, read-aloud stories. Each set contains 12 books and a parent guide.


Annette W. said...

I just saw the pre-reading skills books online. Are they actually pre-reading skills or just basic skills?

Anna, Youth Services Librarian said...

They are skills that are helpful for those getting ready to read. For example, one kit contains stories about shapes, patterns and sequences, which help pre-readers recognize letter shapes, words and sentences. These books are really meant to be read and shared with a grownup.