Friday, December 31, 2010

Hero, by Mike Lupica

Want to know what it's like to suddenly find out you have superpowers? Fourteen-year-old Zach knows. Cool, right? Well, it doesn't turn out to be all roses. In addition to dealing with the grief of his dad being killed in a plane crash, Zach discovers things he never wanted to know. His dad used to tell him bedtime stories about "The Bads." But it turns out that The Bads aren't just characters in bedtime stories; they're real. And his dad was the one hero who could fight them.

Will Zach be able to move past the tragedy of losing his father? What will happen now that the world's only hero is dead? Will Zach be able to hone his superpowers to keep the world safe?

Read Hero, by Mike Lupica. 4th grade and up

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