Friday, February 20, 2009

The Obernewtyn Chronicles

There are only two ways to leave Obernewtyn: by death, or by escape. And only Lud knows what becomes of those who escape.

In a world where the sky is no longer blue and tainted rivers of poison make the lands impassable, Elspeth Gordie protects a secret. She is a Misfit. After the Great White, a man-made holocaust, the world changed. Old-timer books were banned; those who questioned the religious majority were burned; and those who were born with special psychic powers spurned from the lasting radiation of the holocaust were deemed Misfits, alienated from the rest of society. An orphan who lost her parents to burning by the Herder Faction and now is shuffled between orphanages, Elspeth soon finds it impossible to conceal her powers. When her secret is exposed, she is sent to Obernewtyn to be with others of her kind.

How can Elspeth seek to learn the extent of her powers? Who else will discover her remaining secrets? Will she, just a young girl, survive to fulfill the destiny she has been told she must face?

Obernewtyn is the first in the series of The Obernewtyn Chronicles, by Isobelle Carmody. I actually learned about these books from a teen reader (thanks, Paula!), and I am eager to read the next in the series. Our teen librarian is working on completing the series in our collection, as the books have been hard to get. This is a book for teens, possibly sophisticated younger readers, and also something adults may enjoy. I know I did!

#2 The Farseekers
#3 Ashling
#4 The Keeping Place
#5 Wavesong
#6 The Stone Key
#7 The Sending (tentative publication date September 2009)

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