Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Run Wild with Puppets!


Let your imagination RUN WILD with a puppet from the Library!
Come on in and see our new and exciting assortment of puppets available for check-out! 

What research says about puppet play:
  • Loving interactions with people and exploring objects are as necessary to a child's brain development as food is.
  • Sensory experiences and social interactions build brain connections for future learning.
  • Multi-sensory, playful, and interactive experiences linked with language and books create profound memory connections in the brain.
  • Playing is just plain fun!
Our puppet collection is quite durable and will last through many exciting imaginary adventures. If your puppet does get messy, please bring it back to the library with a 
note.  We’ll take it from there.  Please do not put your puppet in the washing machine or dryer. They Can’t swim.  Thanks!

The puppet collection is generously sponsored by Friends ofthe Tigard Public Library

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