Sunday, March 6, 2016


I am absolutely bursting to tell you about Bloom, written by Doreen Cronin and illustrated by David Small!!!

With mud in her hair, dirt in her teeth, and heavy footsteps that leave cracks everywhere she steps, Bloom is not your typical fairy. She makes such a mess that the citizens of the glass kingdom are relieved when she moves into the forest. But as the years go by, the glass slowly crumbles and the king just does not know what to do. He remembers that magical creature from many years ago and seeks her out in the forest. When he finds her to ask her advice for how to repair the crumbling kingdom, she sets a bucket of mud at his feet. Because the only explanation for that behavior is that she must be intimidated by his royal highness, he sends the queen, who may be more approachable. But again, Bloom leaves a bucket of mud at her feet. Finally, the king and queen send an "ordinary" girl, Genevieve, to ask Bloom for her ideas of saving the kingdom.

So what is "ordinary," anyway? Is there even a such thing? Will just an "ordinary" girl be able to solve the kingdom's problem with help from a strange little fairy?

Like lovely little Bloom herself, this lovely little (or, actually, it's pretty big!) picture book is not your typical fairy tale. This charming, empowering story is my favorite that I've read in quite awhile!

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