Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Food-Infused Juvenile Fiction

In honor of our Annual Food for Fines Week, how about chewing on some food-infused books while helping those who are less fortunate and lowering your library fines?  We've got plenty of kiddie cook books located in the juvenile non-fiction section under the call number J 741.5....and I've got to admit, a lot of these are really fun!  And while you're waiting for those cookies or cake to bake, here's some new tasty fiction morsels for elementary school readers:

 Bake Sale by Sara Varon 
(Juvenile Graphic Novel)
Cupcake runs a successful bakery with his best friend, Eggplant, but dreams of going abroad to meet his idol, Turkish Delight, who is the most famous pastry chef in the world.  Includes some fun recipes, and while this isn't a brand-spanking new book (published in 2011), is however, one of my favorite children's graphic novels!

Cupcake Cousins by Kate Hannigan 
(Juvenile Fiction)
During a family vacation at Lake Michigan, nine-year-old cousins Willow and Delia, desperate to avoid being flower girls in their aunt's wedding, try to demonstrate that they would do better as chefs for the reception.

Fizzy's Lunch Lab: Super Supper Throwdown 
(Juvenile Fiction)
Nutrition champ Professor Fizzy introduces young children to the science of healthy foods while competing against Fast Food Freddy, in a challenge to prepare the most delicious meal.  The story is complemented by recipes, healthy shopping advice, and cooking tips.

Phoebe G. Green: A Passport to Pastries! by Veera Hiranandani 
(Juvenile Fiction)
When third-grader Phoebe and her family are invited to visit Paris and her new friend Camille's family, she is thrilled.  But when she is put off by snails on the menu, Phoebe starts to wonder if she is really as adventurous as she thought she was.

Rutabaga the Adventure Chef: Book 1 by Eric Colossal 
(Juvenile Graphic Novel)
In this brand-new graphic novel series, Rutabaga and his magic cooking pot, Pot, join young adventurers Winnifred, Manny, and Beef on a quest to defeat a dragon, discover new ingredients, find monsters to have for and/or to dinner, and to save the day through cooking.

Saturday Cooking Club: Kitchen Chaos by Deborah A. Levine 
(Juvenile Fiction)
When Liza suggests they all take a cooking class with the chef from her favorite cooking show for the project, the girls are on board, but they need an adult to take the class with them.  It seems like the perfect opportunity to snag some quality time with their over-scheduled and over-stressed mothers, if they can convince them to sign up!

The Truth About Twinkie Pie by Kat Yeh 
(Juvenile Fiction)
When twelve-year-old GiGi and her big sister DiDi move to Long Island from South Carolina for GiGi to attend a fancy new private school, GiGi has a new recipe for success and makes new friends, but then discovers a family secret that turns her life upside-down.  Just looking at the cover of this book is enough to make one drool!

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