Saturday, February 21, 2015

STEAM Saturday

At the heart of every scientist, mathematician, musician, or artist is a person who is willing to tinker.The scientist tests and retests (or tinkers with) theories. A musician will work and rework (tinker with) a song before it's finished.
Which leads to me to recommend one of my favorite new books for parents who want to nurture the "tinkerer" in their child. It's called Tinkerlab: A hands-on guide for little inventors by Rachelle Doorley
Doorly poses that the only way to really get to know a subject or process or material is to work with it long enough, over and over again, so that to the tinkerer gets to the place where she can see it or use it in new ways. There are so many fantastic ideas in this book and on her blog! I especially like her quote,

"When children are encouraged to solve problems on their own, they learn a great deal through the questions and hands-on experiements that lead to a solution."

If you use this book for nothing else, use it for the 10 Tinkerlab Habits of Mind
  • Make room for creativity
  • Encourage questions
  • Listen actively
  • Be curious
  • See mistakes as gifts
  • Embrace a good mess
  • Accept boredom as a tool for self-discovery
  • Step back ad enjoy the flow
  • Spend time outdoors
  • Think of everything as an experiement.

What are you waiting for? Get tinkering!

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