Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Reading Explosion, Week One!

Are you working on your summer reading?
Do you know about our new Bonus Ticket feature this year?
If you would like to share with us what you are reading, you can enter to win a big prize bag. There will be a drawing every Saturday from now until the end of August, and all you have to do to enter is to let us know what you are reading, what it's about, and what you enjoyed about it. The best part? You can enter every single week!
Here are a few examples of what readers are sharing this week. If you want to see more writing and artwork, stop by the Puett Room and check out the display.

From Finley:
Guardians of GaHoole: The Capture
It is mainly about an owl named Soren and how he gets captured by an owl named Grimble and meets an owl named Gylfie. They escape by flying and meet Twilight and meet Digger.
I enjoyed it because it was full of adventure, it was very descriptive and it put pictures in my mind.

Thanks to Duncan (Treasure Hunters), Iliana (Marty McGuire Has Too Many Pets), and Finley (Guardians of GaHoole: The Capture) for participating!

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