Friday, June 6, 2014

Coby's Picks # 7

And now Coby is 3. So here are some of his favorites right now:

Maisy series, by Lucy Cousins
Wow! Ocean!, by Robert Neubecker
My Bus, by Byron Barton
Classical Rome, by John Clare

A 3-year-old, you ask, likes a book on Classical Rome? Yes, apparently he does! This is a very text-heavy book, but it has a lot of big photographs of people reenacting scenes from Classical Rome, and for whatever reason, Coby finds these cheesy pictures appealing. We don't read the words. We just look at the pictures and talk about them. So just because your little one may not be the intended audience for a certain book does not mean he may not enjoy it. "Read" what he wants to read. If she randomly chooses a book off the shelf the way Coby did with Classical Rome, let her take it home!


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