Sunday, June 2, 2013

June is Audiobook Month!

Every June, the Audio Publishers Association carries out a campaign to enhance visibility, awareness and popularity for audiobooks.  In 2011, over 75 authors and narrators teamed up with publishers to reach approximately 7.5 million people through all forms of social media.  As part of this initiative, they are asking for others to speak out about audiobooks!  And as a big fan and huge supporter of audiobooks, I can not stress enough how audiobooks play an important role in early literacy and throughout life, just as print books are. 

Audiobooks are great for family listening on the road
this summer--nothing ends the "are we there yet?" blues like a great audiobook!  Audiobooks keep everyone in the car entertained while also increasing literacy skills…families can even knock out a few of the titles on their children's summer reading lists on the way to vacation.

Audiobooks are also a great tool for building literacy. Listening to audiobooks helps children build better vocabularies and also helps them to read with better expression.

Have a downloadable device?  There's also Library2Go, which is a service provided by libraries across Oregon, which gives you access to downloadable ebooks, audiobooks, and videos on your mobile device via the Overdrive app. Media can also be transferred from your computer to your ebook reader or mp3 player.

Click here for a listing of published research articles that address the benefits of audiobooks for young people.

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