Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rainy Day Fun

 Those fall rains have started, just a  hint of the grey days of winter. Create your own indoor fun with some crafts. Even a not-so-crafty person can help their youngster get creative with simple stuff you probably already have. Try one of these books (and their Dewey number for similar books) for some ideas.

Organic Crafts by Kimberly Monaghan (J 745.5 MON) 75 eco-friendly activities that use things you can find in your yard. In addition to leaf art and garden chimes, this also includes science activities like making soil and the "Nature Notes" about the science behind this "craft supplies."

Make It by Jane Bull (J 745.5 BUL) I love these crafts. From awesome looking bowls made out of a paper scraps to bottle cap art, this stuff is cheap, simple and incredibly creative. Basic instructions are given and then kids can take the designs to their imaginations!

Totally Cool Origami Animals by Ann Kristen Krier (J 736.982 KRI) With simple photographs of each step (thank you!) these origami animals are easy to make, even for the most novice paper folder.

Super Simple Paper Airplanes by Nick Robinson (J 745.592 ROB) Follow these instructions to make some serious paper airplanes. Then have a family race to see which design works the best. You'll be amazed at how many different designs there are.

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