Monday, June 7, 2010

Swimming with Sharks

Dolphins or sharks? Which are faster? On the swim team, Dolphins apparently are slower than Sharks. And guess what Rita is? A Dolphin. And guess what all of her friends are? Sharks. Rita is a fast swimmer and an awesome diver, but the problem is her flip turn. If you can't do your flip turn, you don't get a good time. And if you don't get a good time, you don't get to be a Shark. What's the point of being on the swim team if you can't be with your friends? She may as well just quit, right? Following the example of her older sister trying to make a decision, she makes a list of good and bad things about staying on the swim team. The good list has 3 items, and the bad list has 6 items. Any guesses what her decision is?

Does Rita decide to give it another go? Is she ever able to improve her flip turn? Could she ever become a Shark? Read Swimming with Sharks, by Betty Hicks, to find out. This is part of the Gym Shorts series. This is a good series for 2nd to 5th graders.

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