Monday, January 25, 2010

A Whole Nother Story

If your children liked The Series of Unfortunate Events, then A Whole Nother Story, by Dr. Cuthbert Soup, is the book for them. The good news is that it's going to be a series. The bad news is that A Whole Nother Whole Nother Story won't be published until January 2011.

Fourteen-year-old Barton Burton, his 12-year-old sister Saffron Ponderosa, their 8-year-old brother Crandall Moriarty, and Crandall's sock puppet Steve are in a perpetual state of friendlessness but not because they are unpleasant, unlikeable, or stinky (well, actually Steve is at least 2 out of 3 of those things but the children aren't any of them). They are constantly on the run with their father, scientist Ethan Cheeseman, because they are trying to protect Ethan's important invention from getting into the wrong hands. As a result, the children can never stay in one place long enough to make friends.

Two years earlier, the children's mother, Olivia Cheeseman, was murdered at the hands of some of the people who are after the invention. They must try to get the invention to work so that they can bring their mother back. The problem is, Ethan only has half of the slip of paper with the passcode to make the invention work. Before she died, Olivia hid the other half in a place only she knew.

Ethan and the kids try to keep one step ahead of Agents Aitch Dee and El Kyoo from a secret governmental agency that hides its name even from its agents; Misters 5, 29, 88, and 207 from the evil maker of refrigerators and microwaves, Plexiwave; and international superspy Pavel Dushenko and his chimpanzee companion, Leon (now that's a whole nother story, pun intended).

Will the children ever be able to settle down long enough to make friends? Will the family solve the other half of the passcode? Will they be able to protect the precious invention from the agents, the misters, and the international superspy and his primate sidekick? You know what you need to do to find out.

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